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Take Advantage of Our Recycled Products for Your Green Wedding Gifts

With the sun now past its highest point in the sky for this year, I am contemplating peaks… Like the sunset itself, it is not so much the moment the orb disappears beneath horizon. It is the glory of all the shift in light that comes afterward. The brilliant golds, orange, reds, even purples and pinks. How light plays on the water at different angles and we drink in the sky with ever-more subtlety. The thing about peaks is how things look different afterward.

‏I feel that way about this summer we’ve just officially entered. The high moment is not the zenith of the sun. It is how things start to really look different now. Not the longest day, but the richest days of savoring and slowing and exalting that now follow…Gatherings with friends, weddings and fun summer events.

When trying to find the best wedding gifts for your friend or family member, you may be searching for quite a while. Thankfully, Paloma Pottery has the power to end your search. With our recycled products. As our handcrafted gifts are recycled products, you'll be giving the gift that gives back to the environment as well. Don't waste your time rummaging through different stores! Contact us today to purchase the perfect coaster, ring holder, and other earth friendly products!