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The environment and the economy go hand in hand. Natural resources provide us with water, energy and life giving forces that we are now incorporating into the bottom line equation. The “triple bottom line” takes into account the impact a business has in terms of social and environmental values along with financial returns. 
Whereas traditional models are all about profit; triple bottom line accounting recognizes that without happy, healthy people to staff a business and the natural environment able to sustain those people and supply resources for trade; business is, well, simply unsustainable in the long run.

The time has come for the environment and conserving natural resources to be factored in to business decisions and is essential for a competitive economy in the 21st century. There is no stopping an idea whose time has come. For example, when CFC’s were found to create holes in the ozone layer, businesses and consumers alike made changes to accommodate for the problems created. And today no business could thrive using CFC’s in their product. These were the beginnings of sustainable business practices and companies offering sustainable gifts. Environmental concerns must be factored into our business decisions in order to sustain and compete.

Many have realized that environmental conservation is good for the economy—and they’re taking action and seeing results. Today our environmental concerns are much larger than a single product such as CFC. As a result, innovation and technology is exploding with rich ideas and products for our selection.

There are more than 4,500 products available with recycled content. The EPA recently published a report linking materials management, including recycling and waste management to a reduction in the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. As more companies demand these products, availability should increase. As consumers become more aware of the environmental impacts of their actions and as they do more as individuals to help counteract the current problems, they expect more from businesses and the products they purchase. The environmental movement is powerful and whether you’re on it or not, the time has come for change. Just as there are no products containing CFC’s on the shelves of US stores today, retailers will have to make changes to remain competitive and sustain their business.

Purchasing recycled products creates markets for the recovered materials used in these products. This action fosters sustainability and conserves natural resources and energy. In addition, purchasing recycled products promotes the continued manufacture of these products, thus completing the recycling loop.

In general, recycled content products perform as well as their virgin counterparts. In some instances, they perform better. You do not need to compromise on quality to purchase recycled products. If reduce, reuse, recycle is part of your philosophy you'll appreciate Paloma Pottery's mission to provide unique recycled products at affordable prices and create a socially responsible and sustainable business. Paloma Pottery manufactures these unique recycled glass products by combining ceramics and recycled glass. Each piece is handmade, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product produced for consistency and value. Online since 2001, Paloma Pottery offers unique recycled gifts, where you'll find recycled glass infused pottery products to use in the home and garden, as well as wearable art, eco jewelry and accessories. Committed to quality service and the varying needs of each individual customer, "Busting my glass for you."

Gifts from the heart are a wonderful way to celebrate love and friendship. Handmade gifts are always appreciated, especially when made using recycled materials. This artisan style handmade pottery is adorned with fused recycled glass to create a classy recycled product and functional art in colors and items that fit a variety of tastes and décor. Handmade with love, Paloma Pottery offers a variety of items from keychains and bookmarks to wall hooks and kitchen wares, find several unique recycled glass fused ceramic gifts for both him and her at Paloma Pottery.

Employing economically responsible ideals to reduce, re-use, and recycle as a mission, Paloma Pottery emerged in Jan. 2000. “I was inspired to recycle glass within my pottery and when I saw the results I knew I had found my niche,” says Whitney. I believe that social responsibility in business is simply good practice and good business,” continues Whitney. “I am committed to customer service, following through with my word, and dedicated to encouraging and following sustainable business.”

“I have always had an intense need to use recycled and found objects, re-use and then use again. This is evident in my business practices as I recycle everything possible from junk mail to the many plastics included in the packaging of consumer goods. Collecting recycled packaging from local stores, picking up litter while hiking through the beautiful pacific northwest, reusing plastic containers and other plastic things that I just can't seem to throw away - these are some of the activities I do to run my business as sustainable as possible.”
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