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Unique Glass Decorations You'll Love to Hang on Your Wall

With Paloma Pottery's original and extensive product line, you will find gifts for anyone on your list, even if you never thought pottery was the answer! A gift from Paloma Pottery makes a statement about ethical business practices, handmade craftsmanship and excellent taste.
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From the purely delightful to the highly functional, a purchase from Paloma Pottery brings the reassurance of a sound investment. Wall Clocks that last for generations, vibrant office decorations with a handmade touch, photo frames to impress the classiest of photographers.

Also in this list are the crackle glass Wall Hooks, which make wonderful adornments or gifts - and the Garden Stepping Stones, art for the garden or home. So all tastes and budgets are sure to find a suitable treasure this month to celebrate Martin Luther King Day all month long. Shoppers simply use coupon code: MLK SALE15 at Paloma Pottery and receive 15% off any Wall Art decoration. A truly delightful way to bring to elements of the natural world indoors.