A Moment in Time Framed

A Moment in Time Framed

Posted by Paloma Team on 19th Jun 2016

A moment in time, framed for younger generations to share stories and enjoy on special days like today...Father's Day. Celebrating and honoring those we love - a key to happiness, through our human experience we revel in the deep knowing of our heritage. May we live each day with the same knowledge and wisdom our fathers have imparted over the years. Happy Father's Day 2016 from the great pacific northwest - Paloma Team

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Established at the turn of the millennium, Paloma Pottery was founded on principles of sustainability and eco-consciousness that have propelled its growth for nearly 17 years. Our care for the environment, is evident in every piece we hand craft. You'll find the handmade-love and professional-grade service a reliable choice for a range of online purchases. Simply mention the Father's Day celebration, and receive 15% off your total order on all sustainable gifts in our extensive line of recycled glass infused pottery. A warm and dazzling way to celebrate the coming of summer and fun in the sun with family and friends.