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Stunning Soap Dish in Ocean Blues and Fall Colors

When we wash the sun and sand and dirt from shoulders, feet and bodies, we are reminded of our daily rituals. Why not make these items worthy of imbuing? Paloma Pottery, whose labors are borne of just such forces in nature, is offering a discount on their stunning, crackle glass soap dish for kitchen or bath, 10% off two or more of any style. Fun dragonflies, dreamy lotus flowers, sweet floating fish and sailboats in ocean blues and tropical waters. Complete a purchase by the Fall Equinox on Friday September 22, 2017 and enter promotion code FALL17 to receive the full discount.

soap dishes

In some cultures, it is said that subsequent generations are able to identify the items an ancestor held and handled most often. These daily points of contact become imbued with us; and possibly, us with them. The sights the eyes take in and the sounds behind our days become our eyes and ears. The textures we touch as part of our daily care rituals become a point of constancy in our hands amidst change. Like the stones worn smooth by the waves, they remain as they are shaped by time. Which will these be?

You may just find, that come the suddenly shorter and cooler days, the radiance of recycled crushed glass, as it catches your eye each morning, reminds of this high and glorious season. Ocean blues, set off by warm earth tones capture the shimmer of summer sun with the grounded feel of clay at their base. Remarkably smooth to the touch, with depth of texture beneath. Each is handcrafted, with a semi-porous surface to absorb excess water, while keeping counters dry beneath. Like sun and water and sand. A truly essential marvel of nature.