I Lift You, You Lift Me, The Lake of Fortuitous Abundance

I Lift You, You Lift Me, The Lake of Fortuitous Abundance

Posted by Guest Blogger on 30th Jun 2016

I was talking with a friend recently about the concept of lifting each other up, or inversely, damping each other down. How many times, and in how many ways, do we subtly move through this energy every day? What is our default?

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I believe the essence of it comes down to our view of love and positive attention in the world. If we believe there is enough - even a natural abundance - then we naturally will lift each other up. You have success… and I have a moment of struggle. If I celebrate your success, regardless of my situation, then I have just invested in the overall abundance of love and positivity in the world.

Perhaps we can think of alignments, successes, fortuitous bestowings as a large pool of life that we can feed and occasionally draw from. I imagine a lake, vast, warm and pulsing with life. This is the force that allows any of us to find just the right home, or land that incredible promotion to further our career. There it is, just radiating good health and growth for all of us.

Someone in our life just drank from its source? Fantastic! By celebrating this, the pool is larger and more souls may later, in their time, be nourished by it. Inspired by this thought, we created these organic dishes to symbolize the pool of abundance.

 worldview of scarcity can infect so much of our attitude towards the flow of life events. How do we approach this pool of generosity and fortune? I will dare to suggest that we choose to feed it - wherever we see signs of its presence. In our own lives, or the lives of those we encounter. Someone who lost a husband to addiction is now remarried to a truly honoring partner - Hallelujah! There is a sign of its presence and health. A colleague finds just the grant to fuel her next project - it must be alive and well!

I would posit that if we respond any other way - by feeling threatened or seeking to dull another's joy - we inevitably lessen the pool not only for that one person, but eventually ourselves as well.

When one is lifted up, in a group setting especially, I know my body experiences a calm and sense of being happily at home. Here is a place where love may flourish. When another is belittled or dismissed, my heart immediately starts searching, elsewhere. I stay less present as I wonder to where - and under what circumstances - can this stance of trust, abundance and celebrating of all successes most thrive. This is the place I intend to be. A place I long to live and invest in both for myself, and those I love (even those I hardly know and still respect).

Maybe further than this, the lake surface reflects us in its surface. If a friend peers out as us from the lake of fortune - and we look in with a strong heart and loving curiosity - we indeed see our own face reflected. We see it is all the same pool, the same face, the smile that lifts all up. It is the face of 'There is more than enough' looking back at us.

I lift you. I exalt at the sight of your face as it appears from within the pool of good fortune. I see you there, and by doing so, I lift myself up. You lift me by being true about your joy at the good fortune - and trusting it is safe with me. We get to play in that pool together. Together. The one that feeds, comforts and nourishes us all.

Written by Paloma Pottery's guest blogger.