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Unique Cabinet Knobs with an Enduring Beauty Made in USA

In winter, we are reminded of what is always there. When the tree lays absolutely bare in the cold air, we see that unique shape of trunk and branches that is always present. Beneath whatever leafing happened that year, the shape remains. The true structure of the ground without its tall grasses, each little curve and swell is now visible to us.

glass cabinet knobs

It reminds me to pay attention to what is always there in greater areas of life. The personality traits and qualities that prove themselves enduring in those I love. Year after year after year, they hold steady and I grow to see them with time. My own rhythms, the natural urges, yearnings, inspirations. Of these too, some prove to be consistent, always there in this life of mine.

Winter lays bare also what we might take for granted. Of course, we start our days this way, we touch cabinet knobs and fixtures in our world and it brings us the comforts of living. We see this landscape from our window and it orients us to our current place in the world. We hear this sound of dog shaking awake and the murmuring of voices and laughter. Always there.

Growth is exciting. Novelty shows us that anything is possible and a new beginning forever awaits. Yet in this winter, I am savoring the steady, enduring beauty of what is always there. Whether it is a human expression from the heart, a quality of support I come to rely on, a view or physical component of what keeps me going - all these hold a dearer place to me now as I pay greater attention to what always is.