Recycled Glass Gift Ideas and Sustainable Products Made in the USA

Recycled Glass Gift Ideas and Sustainable Products Made in the USA

Posted by Paloma Team on 5th May 2015

Here at Paloma Pottery, is a never ending search to find new items to satisfy each customer. As requests for new items come in and consumers search for products made in the USA, our design team begins researching and devising new products with the customer in mind. Inspired by our customers and vice-versa, new gift ideas and home furnishings that bring organization and beauty are abound...

Multi-functional jewelry dishes, recycled glass rings and one-of-a-kind bracelets are some of the customer requested additions to Paloma's line of handmade sustainable products.

1. Jewelry Dish - These new inspirations are still in the making... Highly functional and compact, they stand with flowing grace while they keep your precious gems safe and organized.

2. Recycled Glass Rings – Adjustable sterling silver handmade rings are embellished with sparkling recycled glass fused pottery pieces to create a stunning recycled glass ring. These unique handmade rings come in a variety of shapes and styles including square, rectangle, ovals, round and more.

3. Recycled Glass Bracelets – Simple sterling silver bracelet is adorned with up to 12 different individually made recycled glass pieces. Chunky but elegant, these unique bracelets are a sparkling addition to an evening out.

As always, Paloma Pottery’s recycled glass infused pottery jewelry and accessories are a great conversation starter. As many customers say, each unique sparkling piece is to be worn when you want to be noticed. Strangers are always asking, “What is that you are wearing and where did you find such unique jewelry?”