Finishing Touches on Your DIY Kitchen & Bath Projects

Finishing Touches on Your DIY Kitchen & Bath Projects

Posted by Paloma Pottery on 15th Feb 2016

While working on improving your home and living situation is a worthy endeavor, remember to take those final steps towards completion. For so many, the last few steps get pushed aside and may never get completed. 

Here at Paloma Pottery, we are finally taking the final steps, adding the finishing touches and completing our kitchen and bath projects. It is incredible to feel the difference and testament of how important those finishing touches are to achieving the end goal...a renovated space that meets your needs.

Have fun with painting or refinishing cabinets, and finish them off with unique cabinet hardware. Paloma's eye catching knobs & pulls are a fabulous addition to any kitchen, bath or furniture piece - available in custom colors from our Earth - Ocean - Blanco series. This means decor themes can easily be complemented by a piece of sparkling beauty to last a lifetime. You'll find over 12 color options to match just about any decor, rustic to modern - with colors ranging from warm earth to cool ocean and harvest golds, all personalities are sure to be delighted....then sit back and enjoy your renovated home!