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With our New Years Birthday Celebration we're ringing in the new year with a flash sale on Ring Holders - one of our most popular gift ideas for the person who has everything.

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These stunning pieces make ideal gifts for all kinds of friends, family, coworkers, favorite teacher, best friend and all our loved ones we wish to be with in the new year - including our furry friends. From the fun to funky, we have something for everyone. Guitar shaped ring holders and delightful bass fiddle ornaments are perfect for the musician and music lover. Animal shapes to honor our beloved pets, favorite pastimes and endangered species including the limited edition planet earth ornaments and american eagle magnets. For a limited time, receive an additional 20% off any one of our popular wedding anniversary and engagement gift ideas - Paloma's unique ring holders made from recycled materials. To redeem this special offer, simply use coupon code RINGHOLDERS20

It's our 17th birthday this new year and we're excited for what's to come... Paloma Pottery began at the turn of the century, as a home-based artisan business - transforming recycled glass and clay into incredible works of art. Based in the pacific northwest of WA state, our designs and concepts are borne of the stunning beauty of the land and sea surrounding us. A love for the environment and a drive to protect and honor it have always been guiding principles. For gifts that say good taste, personalized care and high ecological standards, Paloma Pottery is the place...