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Elements to Reflect the Light, Paloma Pottery Shines in the Pacific Northwest

As summer winds down here in the Pacific Northwest, there are still a great deal of events offering sweet and easy enjoyment of the beautiful place we here at Paloma Pottery call home. Farmers markets, outdoor live music by the bay, community seminars and family events. So many fun places to shop and peruse incredible artwork. We certainly enjoy these last few summery days and the crowds that come to relish in a bit more sun before fall and winter set in.

Can we tell from the peak of a high season what will endure to remain bright in the shortening days to come? How do we know which elements in life will reflect light even as the angle of the sun changes? Like a wave that brings all variety of shells to the shore, only a few will remain. We may choose at times. At other times, great forces of nature will draw the truly temporary back into its large and churning waters.

So, as we enjoy these last, sweet summer days after the holiday weekend, we may take a moment to ponder which of the unique jewels among us will remain eternal. We might look around and give a moment's attention to what holds unfailingly true for us. That private, still place is reinforced by our simple rituals. Where we first lay our eyes each morning, the quality of thought and perspective as we meet the day. These are ours. Ours to claim and to choose and to recognize.