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Cabinet Knobs Unique Glass 12 Color Options

Paloma Pottery


These unique glass knobs bring warmth and charm to kitchens and bathrooms, complementing home and room decor themes from modern to rustic. Crushed glass is melted into the top of each knob, reflecting light as the edge flares out with the graceful movement of clay to reveal the vibrant colors of the elements.

- Standard knob hardware thread (screws included)
- Small 1.25" diameter x 1.25" tall
- Large 1.75" diameter x 1.25" tall
- Quantity Discounts, Plus Free Delivery

Color Options - Click to See Knobs in Each Color None Selected *
Cabinet Knob Size *
Knob Sizes
Please allow +/- 1/4" as these are handmade - actual allowable tolerances within each order are less. Minimum size for each Cabinet Knob is 1.5" diameter x 1" tall large knob and 1"x1" small knob.
Custom Sizes
If your project requires an exact size, please indicate on your order the preferred size & allowable tolerances.
Bulk Discounts
  • Buy 3 - 12 and get $1.00 off
  • Buy 13 - 24 and get $1.50 off
  • Buy 25 - 36 and get $1.75 off
  • Buy 37 - 100 and get $2.00 off

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