Pillar Beeswax Candle

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Handmade Beeswax Candles

Pillar Beeswax Candle

- 2" x 4"
- 35 hours of burn time

We start with 100% pure beeswax...
Not 51% or 80%, but 100% pure beeswax, an all-natural sustainable renewable resource. Our friends at the apiary harvest the beeswax without harming the bees and then filter it carefully to ensure that the beautiful golden color and natural honey scent come through to you.

Since our 100% pure beeswax naturally has a wonderful scent and color, there is no need to add potentially toxic fragrances and colours. It is clean burning, sweet smelling and richly coloured, all naturally. It's no wonder that beeswax was chosen above any other candle material, both as the purest offering in prayer and for use by royalty throughout the centuries. What many people don't realize is that paraffin has only been used for candle-making in relatively recent times, and is just a poor imitation of the real thing, much like tallow candles (made from animal fat) were in the past.

Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum processing. It is made from the sludge at the bottom of a barrel of crude oil. It has to be cleaned and bleached with benzene, solvents, and other carcinogenic chemicals to prepare it for use in candles. Paraffin candles have a very unpleasant odor, which therefore needs to be disguised with the addition of scents. Also, much like petroleum, paraffin candles emit gases and soot when burned, as well as 11 documented toxins, two of which are carcinogenic. Paraffin and synthetic fragrance oils are a major cause of smoky film build up and indoor air pollution. The American Lung Association has warned consumers about the danger of unhealthy air quality from burning paraffin candles. Also, thousands of dollars of damage has been caused to homes because soot particles from burning paraffin candles enter into duct work, and then stick to walls, furniture and rugs.

Fortunately, by burning 100% pure beeswax candles, not only are these problems avoided, but beeswax actually cleans the air while burning! This is because burning beeswax creates negative ions, which then capture and neutralize dust, odors, molds, bacteria and other toxins. Many people, especially those who suffer from allergies, find that burning beeswax candles for 30 minutes or so before going to bed produces a more restful sleep. Beeswax candles are highly recommended for use in any area where food is prepared or served. And as we always explain to our shop customers, please be aware that candles labelled “pure beeswax,” according to the legal definition, only have to be 51% beeswax. The other 49% can be paraffin or anything else. In order to get the health benefits of burning beeswax, look for Quiet Light 100% pure beeswax candles.

Our wicks are carefully chosen...
As one respected wick company says, "The wick is the heart of the candle." In order for a candle to burn properly, it is absolutely essential that it have the right wick. There are hundreds of wicks available, each one designed to meet specific needs. We spend countless hours diligently testing and observing wick properties. We have set very high standards to produce candles that are clean-burning and long-lasting, with a peaceful, quiet light. In addition, we sought for a wick that would be as self-trimming as possible. We believe that we have reached these goals, and that the product itself is the very best advertisement. As one of our pleased customers exclaimed, "Your candles are a delight to behold and wondrous to smell!"

And each candle is handmade...
Most of the candles on the market today are machine-made and mass-produced. Even those that are hand-poured are often made in such a way that the wick is added separately at the end. But in order to produce the best candle possible, we don't take these shortcuts. Every single one of our candles is hand-poured, every single one of our wicks is hand-placed at the time of pouring, as an integral part of the candle. Every single Quiet Light Candle is made with patience, care and prayer.