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Soap Dish Gift Set

From sophisticated to evocative, these choices are sure to please. Paloma Pottery has teamed up with Ancient Dragonfly Soap Company, proudly offering their fine pacific northwest made products as an accent to these popular soap dishes and accessories. The crackle glass surface will slowly absorb moisture and hold from running through to countertop. Handmade glass gifts and bathroom accessories come together in our gift sets.

These gifts are whimsical enough for young children, as well as sturdy, and sophisticated enough for adults. The keychains are a gem with a handmade clay base and amazing depth of color inside. Paloma Pottery's revolutionary design utilizes old glass bottles and recycles these into a melted, smooth to the touch crackle glass finish.

The combination of clay and glass yields a stunning result, appreciated by both men and women alike. Specializing in small gestures with big appeal at an affordable price, every purchase also comes with the reassurance of supporting a sustainable and ethical business. Based along Washington's north sound, at the base of the Salish Sea, the fruits of this business are as unique as the landscape that inspires. There is a touch of magic in each creation, a quality that is tangible in every finished piece.

Gift set includes:
- Hostess Soap Dish
- Handmade Soap - Oatmeal Lavender
- Heart Ornament
- Oval Key Chain