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1. What is glass infused pottery? We combine recycled glass and pottery, creating a unique glass surface pooled inside a sturdy clay base. The crushed glass surface is semi-porous and heat resistant making these unique glass clay products perfect for soap dishes, candleholders, coasters, hot plates, spoon rest, planter plates, etc. The unique glass and pottery combination creates an eye catching sparkle that intrigues and enchants the eyes.

2. Is glass infused pottery durable? Yes, despite it's delicate look, each piece is quite durable with a sturdy ceramic base. The crackle glass surface is heat resistant and cleans easily with warm water. Not dishwasher safe.

3. Can I eat off of the recycled glass surface? No, the glass surface is semi-porous and can not be used safely for consumable foods or liquids. Beach Glass Rim Dinnerware is created with a food safe surface, however, is not oven, microwave, nor dishwasher safe.

4. Can the stepping stones be stepped on and can they stay out in the winter? Yes, they are strong enough to be stepped on, though customers do favor using them as decoration only. The crackle glass surface is semi-porous and so the stepping stones do need to come indoors for the winter. Stepping Stones can also be set into concrete for added strength.

5. How does the adjustable necklace work? The simple design is what appeals to many. The waxed cotton cord is perfect for anyone with skin allergies. To adjust: Pull knots away from each other to lengthen ~ Pull cord below knots to shorten. These knots may come undone and are easily replaced by simply tying another knot.

slip-knot-.gif  slip-knot-close-up.jpg

6. Where do you get your glass? Glass is collected from roadsides, trails, recycle bins or any other place that people leave discarded bottles. Recycling jam jars, wine bottles, stained glass scraps, etc. At Paloma Pottery, we have a strict policy to reuse everything from packaging to found objects. We upcycle and re-use plastics and other non biodegradable materials used in packaging. Found objects are used for assembly purposes and others are used in our designs, shapes and textures.

7. How did you begin to make glass infused pottery? "My collection of broken glass items, stained glass scraps, and much more is what sparked my interest in mixing the two mediums together. I began experimenting and my technique has formed itself through much experimentation, and trial and error," says founder Nicole Whitney.

8. How does Paloma Pottery keep prices so reasonable when everything is hand-made? Products are all handmade by artisans in a production style, assembly line process which allows Paloma Pottery to pass on the savings to the customer. Recycled glass clay products are created with the intention of selling hand crafted, eco friendly products at an affordable price. "I am my toughest customer. I believe in strong customer service and quality products at affordable prices."

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