Ellipse Necklace 6 Color Options

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Our ellipse pendants are hand formed using found objects, sea glass and crushed recycled glass. Reminiscent of a geode, the long and narrow shape adds an elegant element to our jewelry - with a small outer rim of glaze, and a long, narrow glass center.

Ellipse Necklace Pendant:
- 1-3/4" x 3/4" oblong
- Sterling silver plated findings
- Strung on your choice of handmade necklace cord: 

   Thick platinum rubber cord 18" length
   Thin black rubber cord 18" length
   Adjustable cord 32" to choker length

Additional Product Specs:
The inside shape and color of the ellipse varies with each piece - creating a one of a kind look and feel. This is because, while in the kiln, the glass runs molten over the piece, revealing depths and colors unique to each piece.

Popular Colors:
Amethyst Crystal and Sunset are the most popular colors for these geode like necklaces. Along the point at which to glass meets the glaze has some visual effect, each color has it's own results. The cappuccino ice for example, will often have a white crystal like effect. The sunset in this case plays beautifully between glaze and glass. This makes it a popular and intriguing piece. The amethyst color is similar to natural quartz amethyst and is appreciated by rock lovers as well as glass lovers.

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