Candle Centerpiece 7 Color Options

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Candle Centerpieces

The revolutionary design utilizes discarded or broken glass and recycles these into a melted, smooth to the touch finish. These creative centerpieces make easy table decorations and great wedding gifts for men and women. With colors ranging from ethereal earth to shimmering ocean and gleaming sunsets, all home interiors are sure to be complimented. The unique combination of clay and fused glass yields a stunning gift for all ages. Each home decor design has evolved to complement a wide range of tastes, with popular decor themes from modern to rustic. Our signature fused glass centerpiece reflects the candlelight, revealing the one of a kind texture and color of each unique piece.

Candle Centerpiece:
- 11" round
- Heat resistant and semi-porous surface
- Also used as trivet, planter base or cup coaster tray