Incense Burners Hand Thrown Pottery 8 Color Options

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Incense Burners

Paloma Pottery's signature crackle glass design is ideally showcased in these hand thrown ceramic incense burners. Crushed glass bottles are melted into a smooth surface set inside a clay pottery base. The result is a pool of radiant light nestled in an earthy showpiece. From the purely delightful to the highly functional, a purchase from Paloma Pottery brings the reassurance of a sound investment. Buy american this holiday season and makes a statement about ethical business practices, handmade craftsmanship and excellent taste. Good gift for guys and gift for guy friends, american made with an original flare. Pottery center holds several incense sticks upright, leaving ashes to fall onto glass pottery base. 

Glass Infused Ceramic Incense Burners:
- Tapered center works with various size incense sticks
- Designed to hold several incense sticks at once
- 3.5" diameter with 1" tall pottery center
- Wipes clean easily