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Christmas Ornaments 8 Festive Holiday Shapes

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A royal adornment for the tree or home. Our handmade art glass ornaments are for Christmas & holiday occasions or hang year round in your home or car. Collect them for yourself or give them as a gift.
Twinkle Star Ornament
This significant jeweled piece measures 3.5" from tip to tip with a golden-hued clay base. The royal blue greens of the tips are accented by a center of twinkling white to reflect the tree's light! 3.5" from tip to tip.
Dazzling Christmas Tree Ornament
This ornament is one of our best sellers, with a complex pallet of color and texture. At 5" tall, it is a masterpiece of adornment. The cool greens are accented with flecks of red & gold to evoke the decorated tree in miniature form. When you need a stunning piece that is sure to impress - this is a great choice. 5" tall x 3.25" wide.
Reindeer Ornament
The rustic Reindeer, to celebrate the great outdoors or the flyers on the sled. This piece is ideal for both young & old. Deep brown and gold crushed recycled glass in a sturdy clay base. 4.25" tall x 5" wide.
Snow Flake Ornament
For a snow-dusted ornament, the snowflake evokes the winter wonderland! 3" tall x 3" wide.
Peace Dove Ornament
Give peace a chance... 2.5" tall x 3.25" wide.
Man in the Moon Ornament
Dreamy sparkle for moonlight tree. 3" tall x 1.75" wide.
Trumpet Angel Ornament
Sweet, vibrant flying angel for holiday cheer... 2" tall x 3" wide.
Christmas Ball Ornament
Anything but traditional... 4" diameter.

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