Thanks to those who Worked Hard for our Freedom

Posted by Nicole Whitney on 10th Nov 2014

Thanks to all who have risked their lives for our freedom! So many ways that our history and those who have shaped it can be taken for granted. Holidays like Vetrans Day, help us remember and reflect on struggles past. In 1972 a law was passed that guaranteed gender equality in federally funded school programs, including athletics, those women who followed after have reaped the benefits. We are indebted to the suffragettes and all those that stood for equal rights. Here in the pacific northwest, mother nature seems to take hold and offer a platform for equality – for men and women and young and old. Outdoor sports is enjoyed by all and it seems to have few boundaries of how we enjoy the beauty. Today, times past can be so muddled with the fast moving images or our modern world. As we enter the holiday season and prepare for the busy buying season, we’d like to remind ourselves of these precious events in history and express our gratitude for our lives today.