​Red Heart Necklace – Paloma Pottery’s New Color

​Red Heart Necklace – Paloma Pottery’s New Color

Posted by Paloma Pottery on 11th Sep 2014

Come see some of Paloma Pottery’s new colors and styles available. Our new crimson red heart pendant is a unique look with a blood red color only available in select products. 

The adjustable necklace is a customer favorite when it comes to gift giving for both men and women. This is an easy knot to make and then any necklace can be turned into an adjustable. Made with a simple, natural tan cotton cord, our adjustable necklaces will wear well and are strong enough to leave on all the time. The cord will last for several years through showers and regular every day wear and tear.

These gifts are playful enough for a lighthearted gift, as well as elegant, and sophisticated enough for a cherished gift from the heart. Each gem is a hand-sculpted clay base and dazzling depth of color inside. Also find, melted glass pottery accessories available in a variety of shapes. Kids and adults alike find excitement in the intriguing sparkle and terrific, novelty shapes of each piece of jewelry, key chain, ornament and more. Paloma offers eco friendly home decorations for the pet lover of any age; sharks, crocodiles or butterflies for aspiring zoologist. These treasures will hold up to many years of creativity. Visit us online and see why customers love our unique products and great prices.