New Soap Dishes are coming...

New Soap Dishes are coming...

Posted by Paloma Pottery on 4th Jun 2014

Our embellished soap dishes have been terrifically popular, we're embarking on creating a new line with all new styles to this complimentary product….
Pretty darn soon, you're going to have many, many colors and styles to choose from. You will probably have to order more than one!

So a quick recap of our new styles, they are in the kiln – so no photos yet.
Sea Turtle Dish
Horsey Dish
Bee Dish
Cactus Dish
Butterlfy Dish

Cheerful, whimsical and charming gifts for all ages! What's your favorite animal? We have the ancient turtle, beautiful butterfly, jovial bee and gallant horse. How about for the more rustic type? You'll find organic oblong shaped dishes with each design sweetly placed inside to lift and help keep the soap dry.

From the classy to the fun & funky, these choices are sure to please. Paloma Pottery has teamed up with a local Anacortes WA soap maker, proudly offering their fine products as an accent to these cherished soap dishes.

Check em out, we'll have them available soon!