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Heart Shaped Gifts for Wedding, Engagement and Valentine Gifts

Gifts from the heart are a wonderful way to celebrate a day of love and friendship. Hand crafted gifts made with love are always appreciated, especially when made with recycled materials. Looking for a unique earth friendly wedding gift or heart shaped gifts for your valentine? Paloma Pottery uses recycled glass melted into pottery to create sparkling eco gifts and over 40 unique recycled glass products made in the USA. Making luxury art affordable…

Pottery and glass are often easy choices for wedding or engagement gifts. With Nicole Whitney's diverse and inventive line, you will find gifts for him and her, even if you never thought pottery was the answer! From the classy to the fun & funky, our Heart Shapes Gift Set is a wonderful fit for a dear friend or partner, with handmade radiance in every piece. Pottery pieces are cradled in shreds of recycled wood cellulose, non-bleached tissue, and held inside a clear Paloma box with a red raffia bow. Simple earth-friendly elegance.

From the purely delightful to the highly functional, a purchase from Paloma Pottery brings the reassurance of a sound investment. Ring holders that last for generations, elegant home decor with a handmade touch, dish ware to impress the classiest of cooks. We offer great low priced pottery and glass gifts to match various styles and decor. 

The Recycled Glass Tiled Mirrors are a popular green wedding gift. Find these unique tiled mirrors in 8 colors and customize any mirror by choosing different shapes for the tiles – as one customer chose to customize with all hearts.

A more affordable gift priced at $24.50, our unique ring holders are a perfect small gift for any newly wed or recently engaged. Another customer favorite is the Salmon Platter, a more traditional choice and a perfect fit for the pacific northwest wedding, fisherman and fish lovers, cooks and foodies alike.