Happy Day of Love and Friendship - A Valentine's Day Story

Happy Day of Love and Friendship - A Valentine's Day Story

Posted by Nicole Whitney on 13th Feb 2015

I have definitely enjoyed Valentine’s Day more since learning how other cultures celebrate it a bit differently to the US. For much of the Spanish speaking world, it is a celebration of love and friendship - amor y amistad. Heart shapes are a fun way to spread the love and Paloma's line is full of love and sparkling heart shaped gifts.

I love celebrating the many ways we connect with others; even the smallest connections can change and enhance our lives. I am grateful to have met and spoken to many of my customers personally and will continue to make a connection even if only through our technology, social media and the like.

Otherwise, holidays like valentines day are a great time to find sales and specials. Since I am such a bargain shopper myself, I’m always trying to offer the best deals possible. Paloma Pottery's online store is full of everyday specials with always free shipping on select popular shapes and items, bulk quantity discounts on home hardware, and often deeper discounts on overstock items.

A sincere thanks to all our loyal customers! And to all the connections we make in our lives, no matter how great or small – Happy Valentine’s Day.

Feliz Dia del Amor y Amistad