Renewed, Refreshed and Reawakened: With the New Year Upon Us, Customers Start Looking Towards Things of the Heart

Renewed, Refreshed and Reawakened: With the New Year Upon Us, Customers Start Looking Towards Things of the Heart

Posted by guest blogger on 6th Feb 2014

Paloma Pottery responds to the turning of the year by offering Heart Gift Sets to celebrate the season of resolutions and love.

With the rush of the holidays behind us, the simplicity of small reminders is all the more powerful during these quiet winter days. While we are full of new resolutions to cherish what matters most, customers are finding elegant tokens of love and commitment in this creative, earth friendly gift line.

The heart sings in knowing that a purchase through Paloma Pottery supports not only beauty, but care for the earth and social justice as well. All of Paloma's revolutionary Recycled Glass Pottery utilizes discarded, broken glass, by melting these into layered radiance beneath the smooth surface. That means less trash is sent to landfills and recycling plants. Their packaging comes from Distant Village, a sustainable packaging company whose practices earned the company the "Most Innovative 3S Program" award from Global Sourcing Council. Locally, Paloma Pottery employee those with varying skills (the 'other abled') to support the production of these fine pieces.

A Heart Key Chain is the perfect reminder for resolutions to keep and hold dear. Touched every day, it is a delight to feel and carry. The Wall Hooks Heart is a dazzling symbol to proclaim that Home is where the Heart is. For lovers, both new and long-standing, the Heart in Hand Ring Holder is the perfect gift for him or her. Each handmade item is crafted with love, and the care and attention to detail shine through.

Paloma Pottery just celebrated 14 years online! Founder Nicole Whitney has made this "labor of love" an enduring symbol of a life of purpose and abundance. "I am renewed to see that after so many years, our customer base keeps growing and our team is able to meet a ever-wider range of needs.", she says.

Right now, shoppers will find great deals on the Heart Shapes Gift Set, with items available in a luscious range of colors. A visit to their Crackle Glass Pottery Color Board page, shows the true brilliance of this design technique. Each combination of clay and glass evokes a unique feeling - so shoppers are bound to find the ideal gift.

As always, first time shoppers at Paloma Pottery are given the gift of Free Shipping on their first order. Talk about a heartfelt welcome. But it is the mark of quality, along with excellent customer service, that keep customers coming back year after year. "Once someone makes a small purchase, I am surprised at how often they come back for a whole range of items.", Whitney exclaims. "Pottery really is so versatile!"

So, make the heart happy. Visit Paloma Pottery to enjoy all the gorgeous and imaginative possibilities!