Paloma Pottery Honors New Life with Garden Stepping Stones and a Gesture of Remembrance

Paloma Pottery Honors New Life with Garden Stepping Stones and a Gesture of Remembrance

Posted by guest blogger on 19th May 2014

Online artisan business features handmade Garden Stepping Stones and offers a token of honor to our Veterans this May.

As we head outdoors for the glory of spring and all growing things, we look for ways to give extra care to our place on earth. Paloma Pottery offers recycled glass Garden Stepping Stones to enhance our outdoor living spaces. These dazzling pieces are upscale works of art, while fully durable and functional. A depth of color reflects the sun's light in a magnificent spiral. The range of colors will surprise and delight - purples, pale blue, earth tones, rich reds and sunset golds - something for every personality.

A set of stepping stones instantly brings character and life to the garden. Any gardener or homeowner will cherish the statement of alighting their path with these robust gems. They make an ideal gift or home improvement accent. Of course, every purchase at Paloma Pottery comes with the satisfaction of sustainable business practices and an outstanding history of customer service.

The business was founded with a mission to care for our earth and those living on it. By turning an environmental problem, litter/waste, into a solution for beauty, Paloma Pottery has been honoring the earth for over 14 years. By employing the other-abled, and choosing all recycled & sustainable packaging, this company walks its talk every step of the way.

With Memorial Day, we pause to remember another force that has sustained us: our veterans. When it comes to loss and the passing of time, sometimes words cannot give due recognition. The team at Paloma Pottery understands that all of our stories are unique and every gift has its own meaning.

While shoppers are enjoying the handmade delights of an eco-friendly online boutique, Paloma would like to offer a small gesture of remembrance. The eagle shape magnet is a stunning piece which speaks to the grandeur of this land we all love. Now, customers can simply mention Memorial Day in their order, and receive as well a free eagle magnet gift with their purchase.

An understated gesture of acknowledgement for what a veteran or his/her family has endured, it is a small way to give honor for the stories that have shaped our land and those living on it. All of our choices reflect our values, and the team at Paloma Pottery would like to offer a token of honor for those who gave so much.