​Eco-Friendly Wedding & Engagement Gifts at Paloma Pottery on Discount Now Through Labor Day

Posted by Guest Blogger on 21st Jul 2014

Artisan online business, based in the Pacific Northwest, offers an incredible deal on all gifts of the heart...

When it comes to the celebration of love and commitment, store-bought just won't do. Some occasions call for a more unique and personalized touch. Luckily, Paloma Pottery has been offering these kinds of gems for over 14 years now. For a token of true love, a handmade creation with a shimmer of class is sure to please.

Paloma Pottery features recycled glass pottery pieces. Discarded glass is melted down to a smooth-to-the-touch finish, reminiscent of a diamond's cut. The design technique creates pools of depth and color, cradled in a sturdy, elegant pottery base. The result is stunning. In the world of artisan pottery, there is simply nothing else like it.

This wedding season, Paloma Pottery is offering a special discount on all of their handmade creations which speak to love. First, shoppers will want to browse their Heart Shaped line. Jewelry, wall art, and ring holders are just a few of the charming offerings. Smaller items are ideal for wedding favors, while the larger wall clock, mirror or picture frame will make a wonderful gift for the bride or groom to be.

Paloma offers Shop by Price Categories, with styles from cute and funky to refined and upscale. Beyond that, all gifts are available in custom colors from their Earth - Air - Blanco series. This means decor themes can easily be complemented by a piece of sparkling beauty to last a lifetime. An eco-friendly wedding theme will also be enhanced by unique Cufflinks for the special day. For those who are looking ahead to next year, now is also a great time to stock up on those special details that will make their event dazzling.

Shoppers who complete an order between now and September 1, 2014 receive a 15% discount on all wedding and engagement gifts. This is a rare offer with a world of possibilities. To receive the discount, simply mention the word "wedding" in the order notes.

Paloma Pottery has well over a decade of experience working with newly engaged couples to choose just the right accent. Their team also shines in custom orders, to match all styles and personalities. In this case, beauty also comes with the reassurance of excellent customer service. Just the right gift for those celebrating the magic of true love.