Paloma Pottery Offers Ideal Barbecue & Dinner Party Gifts at 15% Off During Month of August

Paloma Pottery Offers Ideal Barbecue & Dinner Party Gifts at 15% Off During Month of August

Posted by Guest Blogger on 29th Jul 2014

Eco-friendly gift provider Paloma Pottery features their elegant, recycled glass dinnerware at a discount for the summer party season.

Founder Nicole Whitney came upon a revolutionary design technique back in 2000, when she first melted discarded glass bottles into a smooth finish atop her ceramic designs. A shear surface revealed a depth of color and radiance that truly shines. The result has become a signature touch, adding class to already stunning pottery pieces.

This holds especially true for the team's Fruit, Salad Bowls and Platters. The trim finish sparkles as a jeweled frame around earthy, textured clay pieces. These sturdy bowls have a radial grain within, and robust, wide sizing. New designs also grace the plates and platters this month. Greens, alongside pearled whites and purples. Warm fiery browns and golds inside a perfect oval plate. For a gift that is sure to impress, shoppers will want to browse the range of color combinations available on special this month.

Sharing a meal from a Paloma Pottery bowl brings eating into the realm of the divine. Let all the senses come alive with the touch of these smooth clay bowls, the sight of colored glass and light, alongside wonderful smells and tastes. Foodies will cherish these gifts of presentation and enjoyment.

Paloma Pottery captures the spirit of environmental consciousness as well as refined, modern style in home wares. They have been at it for over 14 years now, and both product and service give customers reason for satisfaction and reassurance time and time again. At a 15% discount, all of the Beach Glass Dinnerware pieces are now very accessible.

For the month of August only, shoppers can enjoy a unique, earth friendly gift for a host or one's self at an excellent, discounted price. Complete transactions at Paloma Pottery by August 31 and enjoy the ideal combination of beauty, elegance and function.