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Earth Day Special, Enhance your Home & Garden with Mother Nature's Wonder

A visit to Paloma Pottery is a reminder of all the refreshing possibilities for quality home decor. Whether you're seeking for unique cabinet knobs or one-of-a-kind wall art, you'll be surprisingly delighted by the full range of naturalistic products.

garden art

A welcome alternative to fads and theme products, with timeless gifts of beauty and function from Paloma Pottery. Beneath the buzz of celebrities and cartoon characters rests a solid haven for original, hand-made and eco-friendly home decor. These exceptional pieces will bring stories of life and family gatherings for generations.

Herein lies the glory of Paloma's work: at once delicately beautiful & also durable and lasting. Recycled glass is crushed and melted into a smooth-to-the-touch glaze and set inside a clay pottery base. The result is an angelic pool of radiant light cradled in an earthy showpiece.

For a limited time only, mention this Earth Day 2015 special and receive a free piece of garden art to celebrate mother nature's beauty and wonder.