Cooking with Ceramic Dinnerware and Cookware

Cooking with Ceramic Dinnerware and Cookware

Posted by Paloma Team on 28th Jan 2015

Paloma Pottery offers a variety of traditional pottery plates and platters that are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Please note that our beach glass dinnerware with recycled glass rims are not made to use in the oven. They are more delicate and can not withstand the same stress as the traditional wares. These pieces have an enduring beauty that brings elegance and artistry to every setting. Their appeal is wide and touches the senses of all who behold them.

When cooking with pottery cookware, you must always start with a COLD oven. Pottery can not endure the stress of immediate heat and must be warmed up with the oven. This also means that no direct flames may be used when cooking with ceramics. Start with a cold oven and then use as you would any other vessel for cooking.

Paloma Pottery’s Salmon Platter is a perfect piece to use for cooking. Need something larger? We offer custom dinnerware, cookware and other kitchenware.