Chargers & Serving Platters 8 Color Options

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Recycled Glass Rim Platter and Chargers

Customers love our unique serving platters and chargers made in the USA with melted glass bottles. We forage roadsides, trails & beaches for discarded glass, beer & wine bottles. The glass is then crushed into small pieces which we infuse into the rim of our dinnerware. The result is a stunning fused glass rim that sparkles with the glaze and makes a truly unique piece.

Paloma Serving Platters are 12" diameter with approximately 1" glass rim. Great wedding gift for the eco conscious. But be sure to get your orders in early! Our dinnerware items are generally made to order. We offer limited colors in stock immediately. Please contact us directly when ordering one of our 12 colors not available for immediate purchase. Not dishwasher, oven or microwave safe - Should be handled with care.