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Candle Holders for the Home and Garden Brings Warmth to The Changing Seasons

Posted by Guest Blogger on

In going inward, we find so much… With the cooler days and lengthening dark, home and garden becomes a symbol of all the world could be. The nakedness of trees outside lays bare all that has been, until only the simple frame of everything remains.

I've often heard older people talk about how they grow to cherish the seasons as they age. I imagined this would be a simplifying of life's pleasures and the appreciated slowing of time. Yet it is richer than that. Fully enjoying each phase lets us see all of what is there.

If you believe that saying - as within, as without - then we truly have the chance to make the world over each year. These past weeks, I find myself delightedly bringing all kinds of warmth and light into the nest. 

Using candle holders and an open hearth fireplace - I look to fire light to help spark the change of settling into my own bastion of light and amidst the growing dark, I find vastness. If I can make my one section of world a place of peace, satisfaction and joy - then, come spring, I have something new to bring forth when the world is waking up again…

Maybe it is a matter of moving more gracefully. Times, seasons, finding even larger worlds within as we come to understand the even larger world without. Starting right here, I can do so much.