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Take a Break & Enjoy Life, Get Into Nature to Celebrate & Rejuvenate this Earth Day 2016

Posted by Guest Blogger on

In an increasingly technological world, there is profound satisfaction in the simplicity of recycled, up-cycled products. With Paloma's diverse and enticing line, you will find fine gifts for him or her in our online gift store, even if you never thought pottery was the answer! Clay from the earth, melted bits of recycled glass, exquisitely reflecting light and color. Hands lovingly forming artisan masterpieces. The diverse Paloma line brings beauty, ease and functionality to daily life.


A truly wonderful way to bring to beauty of the natural world indoors. From the very start, you are effortlessly guided through a marvelous array of gifts. No need to deal with traffic. Whimsical magnets, alluring custom jewelry and exquisite home decor - each gift is a rare beauty. A mere 20 minute browse can yield the perfect treasure for just about any occasion. Even with this convenience, the results will look like carefully chosen gems from a local holiday fair.

So get out and enjoy nature to celebrate this Earth Day. Celebrate and rejuvenate for the months to come. When we enjoy the beauty around us, we are able to better deal with the struggles life throws our way. Here at Paloma Pottery, we plan to celebrate and be grateful for the blessings we have, while letting go of the stresses of disappointment, confusion and fear. Life will continue as mother nature teaches us....Happy Earth Day