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Glass Pottery Story


Crafted on the shores of Sandy Point, Washington, overlooking the glorious Salish Sea and Pacific Gulf Islands, the work of Paloma Pottery is as uniques as the landscape which supports it. Nicole Whitney's revolutionary recycled, fused-glass designs are a testament to both natural beauty and sound ecological consciousness. Incorporating glass bottles otherwise bound for recycling plants, Whitney harvests the color and luminance of glass, transforming it into prized works of art. This inspiration shines through every aspect of the work.

Beginning with pottery classes in 1995, she soon found her niche combining clay and glass, creating functional art for the home and garden and providing affordable handmade gifts for men and women. Always trying to find use for things that may otherwise be thrown away, she was inspired to try and recycle glass into pottery. "It never ceases to amaze me, how discarded things can become art and transform into something not only useful, but beautiful" says Whitney.

"Though I currently live and work in Washington State, much of my learning was with my mentor, Liz Vigoda, in Albany, New York. Another mentor, the founder of the Body Shop, Anita Roddick, inspired me with her belief that social responsibility in business is just good practice and good business. I truly enjoy donating pieces to help raise funds for charities and nonprofit organizations. I can only hope to move people the way that so many have moved me."



The beginning of a new piece from a lump of clay. The artist enjoys working “off the hump,” creating several pottery pieces in a row. The production line style work is employed for efficiency and consistency. Paloma Pottery strives to create a unique one-of-a-kind product with uniformity and value to pass on the savings to the customer. "I am committed to customer service, following through with my word, and busting my glass for you."




Working off the hump allows for multiple pieces to be created from one single lump of clay. A pottery bowl is created and the lip for the recycled glass rim is being defined with a wooden potters’ tool. Our handmade bowls make great wedding gifts. Looking for unique wedding gifts or favors? We offer bulk prices on many of our heart shape gifts. Handmade with love, our sparkling glass pottery will enchant the eyes of both men and women.



A ceramic ring holder is born and texture is added to the pottery piece to create an organic look and feel. Our classic wedding ring holder is one of our best sellers. These make excellent gifts for weddings, engagements or even yourself. In fact, many of our customers say it's best to just order two!



Hand building is another way of working with the clay. Where the wheel creates round symmetry, hand building allows for more freedom of shapes to be constructed. Using molds from found objects, edges are lifted for the glass soap dish.


Handmade Clay Tile

Square pottery tiles for a display unit are lying flat to dry on recycled canvas from local business, Cool Canvas. Reduce, re-use, recycled when at all possible is important for Paloma Pottery as a sustainable business.


Ring Holders in Production

The pottery pieces are allowed to dry before going into the kiln for the bisque firing.


Handmade Jewelry in Production

Once fired, the bisque ware is stamped with “Paloma Pottery” using iron oxide and is ready for glazing.




Buttons are lined up, glazed and then glass is added and loaded into the kiln. Textures and designs in the clay are achieved with natural and found objects (impressing or drawing with rocks, shells, etc.) giving an organic, nature inspired feeling. These pottery and glass buttons are a special order for Texture Clothing, a local hemp and natural fibers clothing company.


pottery kiln

The kiln melts the glass and fuses it to the clay and glaze. Each piece is created to be a functional piece of pottery and art with as much versatility as possible. The semi porous crackle glass surface makes the popular recycled glass soap dish shown below a great gift for both him and her.


unique pottery

Artist unloads the kiln and inspects the finished products. The crackle glass surface created is smooth to touch and sparkles with profound rich colors and textures.


glass pottery

Stock is built up for immediate purchase in the Paloma Pottery online store. Paloma Pottery offers over 40 different hand-made recycled glass fused ceramic products at affordable prices.

From fun to functional to classy, Paloma is sure to have what you need, all in a range of colors, and each handmade with love! Delight in exploring the more than 30 items available now at First holiday dinner with your  sweetheart's family? Bring your dish in the gift of a Paloma fused glass Serving Bowl, and be sure to impress. Children on your list? Check out the whimsical Star Pendants for a precious, functional gift.

Handmade Glass Earrings on Upcycled Display

Paloma's sparkling glass earrings are placed on display for selling at art festivals. Displays are handmade from found objects and other recycled materials.


mosaic-mirror-process.jpgCrushed glass pottery tiles are made for tiling our mosaic wall mirror or sold separately. Our recycled glass tiles make great backsplash and accent tiles for both kitchens and bath.



Wrought iron table with half moon shape tile. Glass pottery tile lays inside table and removes easily for cleaning.



Paloma's signature recycled glass necklaces are placed on display and ready for purchase. Recycled canvas is also used in the final display unit, which is custom made by the artist. The recycling mission is consistent throughout all creative and business processes.




Paloma Pottery products are all handmade often using shapes from found objects. Our recycled glass jewelry line is cut out using the plastic tops from deodorant containers. Finding new uses for things that would otherwise be thrown away and keeping overhead low allows Paloma Pottery to offer unique pottery and glass products at affordable prices.